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Key Feartures & Benefits

The B&D range of Emb-A-Seals offers solutions for rolling and sectional doors. Emb-A-Seal fills the gaps around the door, greatly impeding the progress of burning embers into the garage. These seals also act as an effective barrier against dust, sand or leaves entering the garage, creating a cleaner environment. This is particularly important when the garage is used as a living area.


The superior gab filling ability ensures that a solid barrier to entry is created around the door, reducing the risk of embers flying in.

Manufactured from flame retardant material, the seals help to delay the onset of fire.

The seals also act as a barrier to prevent dust or sand from entering the home, creating a clearer internal environment, particularly when using the garage as an extra living area.

Emb-A-Seal for Sectional Doors

Comprising of aluminium seal holders that are fixed behind the jambs and lintel. Bristle brush seals fit into these holders to prevent the entry of embers.

Emb-A-Seal for Rolling Doors

An aluminium holder is fastened to the roll of the curtain, just above the height of the lintel. Flame retardant rubber compound slides into the holder and rests above the lintel to provide a barrier. The seal is compressed when the door curtain rolls around the drum. This ensures that door operation is unaffected and that the seal is not visible whilst the door is open.

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