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Presented below are a compilation of the most commonly asked questions concerning garage doors and openers
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General Questions about Garage Doors

How to arrange a measure and quote for my house?
Is it possible to install a garage door if there is limited space between the door opening and the ceiling in my garage or carport?

Garage Doors

What sets apart a roller door from a sectional door?
Is it possible to paint my garage door?
Is it possible to coordinate the colour of my garage door with the guttering/fascia of my house?
What could be causing my garage door to close and then immediately reverse back up?
What could be the cause of the loud noise coming from my garage door?
I recently relocated to a new home, and I've noticed that my garage door is not operating smoothly.
What steps should I take to address this issue?
Why won't my garage door open?

Garage Doors Automatic Openers

My Garage Door Opener is beeping and flashing. What could be wrong?
What is the typical lifespan of a garage door opener?
Even though my opener is operational, the door itself remains stationary and does not move.
What could be the cause of this issue?
My garage door won't open when I press the button?
When should I service my garage door opener?

Safety and Security

What does B&D's Auto-Lock technology entail?
What sets apart the concepts of "shut" and "locked"?
How can I determine if my garage door is securely locked?

Garage Door Remotes

Where can I purchase a replacement remote?
What are the steps to program a remote for a B&D sectional garage door opener?
What are the steps to program a remote for a B&D rolling garage door opener?
What is the process for removing all sectional garage door remotes from a B&D opener?
What are the steps for duplicating an existing B&D sectional garage door remote?

Repairs & Service

At what frequency should garage doors be serviced?
Is a complimentary quote available for service work?

B&D Mobile App

How do I set up my Smart Phone Control Kit for my B&D opener ?

Power Outages

How do I manually open a B&D roller garage door?
How do I manually open a B&D sectional garage door?
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