Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

March 5, 2020

Do I Repair or Replace my Garage Door? 

Because no one wants to waste money!

When it comes to Garage Doors, you aren't expected to know how to fix issues when they arise, but you should expect someone to give you an honest answer whether the issue is large or small enough to differentiate between a repair or replacement. This article is designed to help you make that decision easier and know confidently that you are making the right decision.

Consider the Doors Age & Amount of Wear and Tear

Simply put, you need to consider the age of your door. If your door is around 5 years old, most issues can be fixed with a general service. If your door is over 10 years old, it would usually suggest that it's time for a replacement.

Look at the plus side, your neighbours are going to be extremely envious of your new door! 

If there are certain areas of damage or noticeable wear and tear, it's usually in your best interest to order a replacement panel or two instead of opting for a whole new door. When the majority of your panels are looking weathered, this might be a strong indication that you should go for a full replacement.

Is Your Garage Door Seriously Damaged?

Hit your door with your car, don't worry, it happens ALL the time! 

Your first point of action is to contact your insurance company, commonly they will cover a large portion of the cost.

Often when it comes to severe damage from a vehicle or freak weather, one or more of the integral parts of the garage door can become damaged and result in your door being unsafe, insecure and overall screwed. When it comes to fixing the issue, the cost of repairs can often outweigh the cost of a complete replacement. This is where our service technicians at Shire Garage Doors come in handy to help you make an informed decision about where to go next.

Has Your Door Stopped Working Entirely?

There are a number of issues that could contribute to your door playing up. If the issue has come on suddenly, the fix will probably be something simple such as a replacement part or just a general service of your door.


Industry secret, your B&D operator is programmed to automatically flash its lights 6 times for 20 cycles when a general service is required!
How good's that for a reminder!

As a guide, if your door has been sluggish for a while and it feels like more of a long-term problem, you may need to choose a replacement.

Shire Garage Doors has been operating in the Sutherland Shire, Wollongong and St George areas for over thirty-five years. We are an accredited dealer for B&D responsible for quoting, installation & maintenance of their full range.

Whether you are from the Shire, Wollongong, Western Sydney or the Eastern Suburbs, we can assist in repairing or replacing your existing garage door.

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