Your Guide To Garage Doors

January 20, 2020

Your guide to garage doors

What you need to know..

Style, Safety and Purpose is key

When deciding what type of garage door is the best fit for you, your needs dictate the type of door and what suite of features you require, and all of that affects the final price.

There are as many kinds of garage doors in Australia as there are garages. That's because no two garages are the same. All those subtle differences in length, width and height mean that your door needs to be custom made. That's why a Measure and Quote needs to be provided prior to the installation of each and every garage door.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of garage doors: roller doors and sectional doors.

Roller Doors are continuous curtains of ribbed steel that roll up like a carpet on the ceiling.

Sectional Doors are compiled of a series of rigid panels, and run on a flat track against the ceiling when opened.

Things to note, include, Roller Doors are cheaper, but they take up more headroom and aren't as customisable. Sectional Garage Doors are a touch more expensive, but they're far more customisable and tuck away discreetly.

When receiving your personalised quote, your price range will mainly depend on three factors. Style, Safety and Purpose.


What do you want your door to say about your home?

The first factor to consider is Style. When selecting a door, you can choose from any number of stunning colours from B&D's Colourbond range, or, for a more personal touch, you could try a classic woodgrain or contemporary textured finish.


Consider what safety features you might need for your family. Features like B&D's Auto-Lock give you peace of mind knowing that your house is safer. The Auto-Lock is designed to securely deadbolt your door at the push of a button. Another we recommend at Shire Doors is the Infrared Safety Beam. If the beam is interrupted while the garage door is closing, the door will stop and reverse. This feature is perfect for kids, pets and reversing vehicles.

Is your house more susceptible to bush fires? B&D's Emb-A-Seals securely fill the gaps around your door, protecting your valuables from the elements.


These factors are make-or-break when it comes to your satisfaction.

Garages are used for all sorts of purposes: cars, storage, gyms, offices, hobbies or rumpus rooms... if you have concerns about noise or extreme temperatures, we can help with that.

B&D's Insul-Shield keep temperatures even and the noise down. Whether you're trying to start a garage band or block out the neighbour's, you'll be sorted.

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